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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Woozies: The Cassette Tape

The Cassette Tape Cover Art

The surfs up in the garages of Columbus, Ohio. Must be, because we have The Woozies. The Cassette Tape is everything good about garage music. Psychedelic surf music straight from the 60's. Could see these guys teleported back to 1967 and opening up for Moby Grape or the Electric Prunes. This is happy music, fun music and good music. This quartet is so authentic sounding it is plain scary. Must be that a wormhole opened up in Columbus and The Woozies came through it from the past. That or these are the greatest students of 60's music ever known. Either way The Woozies are a must have for any afficianado of garage music. Stream and download The Cassette Tape at the link below.