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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Francisco The Man: Broken Arrows/Franklin Ave

Broken Arrows Cover Art

It's been a year since the debut EP by L.A. shoegazers Francisco The Man and we finally have a followup. The single Broken Arrows backed with Franklin Ave was worth the wait. Broken Arrows has it all, musical hooks, vocal hooks and lyrical hooks. The guitars sound great, the bass work provides a wonderful counterpoint and the drums are rock solid and tie it all together. I can't seem to get the song out of my head. Scotty Cantino's lead vocals and that guitar refrain just keep going round and round. The ending of Broken Arrows makes an interesting transition to the track Franklin Ave, a downtempo piece that perfectly compliments the feel of Broken Arrows. The only downside is that we need much more. These two tracks make me yearn for a whole album. Francisco The Man is a great band, period. Stream and download Broken Arrows/Franklin Ave. at the link below.