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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Samideani: Adorable EP

Adorable Cover Art

Yesterday was a band from France and today we have a band from Italy. Samideani is a quartet from Bergamo that delivers lo-fi post-punk in a dreamy package. Featuring both female and male lead vocals the band's debut EP, Adorable, is a combination of influences from shoegaze to punk, drawing comparrisons as diverse as the Kills, to the Clash, to Joy Division. Samideani take it all in and what comes out is their own unique take on post-punk. The six tracks are hard edged and heavy while also being melodic. Adorable is strong on every track and marks this band as one to watch for the future. Definately can't wait to hear more from Samideani. Stream and download Adorable at the link below.