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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bloody Knives: Disappear

disappear Cover Art

Submitted for your approval, a dark night of erie stillness in Autin, Tx. The air hangs heavy untill, in a flash of light, there materializes the band King Crimson. Shocked, you are drawn closer to discover that this is no  rehash of a bygonne sound, but rather the new musings of Bloody Knives. Disappear is the latest EP from the trio and it is full of noise induced industrial punk with the most wonderful heavy electronics. Bloddy Knives are unique in this era. Their approach is at once fresh, yet familiar. The tracks are dark and haunting, with superlative musicianship. Have listened to Disappear a dozen times now and each listen brings new textures to my ears. Bloody Knives is a standout even in a musically rich place like Austin. Stream and download Disappear for free at the link below or be doomed to a place where sight, sound and mind are lost.