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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tread Water: North Atlantic Drift

North Atlantic Drift Cover Art

North Atlantic Drift is the debut EP from Cambridge, UK quartet Tread Water. Right off, there is an obvious similarity to Interpol. This is mainly fueled by Harry Ixer's vocals, but is present musically as well. That might seem reason enough to dismiss Tread Water, but this would be a big mistake. Tread Water is their own band and are much truer to a post-punk and garage ethos than any easily made comparison. The 5 tracks on North Atlantic Drift stand on their own with meaningful Dylanesque lyrics, compelling music and well crafted production. I personally love the guitar playing on every track and Ixer's voice seems to find a place inside me to take up residence. The tracks just sound better every time I listen to them. Bottom line on Tread Water is that any comparisons are unfair. This is a complex band with deep sensibilities for the post-punk art form. Stream and download North Atlantic Drift at the link below.