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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Faults: Quarter/Lucy Single

Quarter/Lucy Single Cover Art

Duos abound in today's indie music scene. Some, like Sleigh Bells, Cults and my own band Prevrat, use the studio and Ableton live to move past the limits of only 2 people to fill the music with all the complexity wanted. Others though, who have the stones for such exploits, lay themselves bare to revel in the limitations imposed by two people playing and recording in essentially a live format. The Faults, from Sydney, Australia, is such a band. Guitar, drums and vocals laid bare to the essentials, is the very essence of garage rock in the 21st Century. While comparisons to the Black Keys and White Stripes is inevitable, this misses the point. There could not help but be comparisons given the limitations of the medium. However, with the Quarter/Lucy single, The Faults show us a band unafraid to deliver everything that garage rock should be in a format where there is no hiding under overdubs. Quarter/Lucy is a great debut effort from a band that deserves attention and earns the right to be received without comparisons. Stream and download The Faults single at the link below.