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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Yellow Dogs: In The Kennel EP

In The Kennel EP Cover Art

Post-punk as a genre has a wide range of variability in the sound of bands ascribing themselves to this label. When I think of post-punk in a fundemental sort of way, what is envisioned is a sound that has its roots in punk, but transcends the limitations of the medium and musicianship associated with punk. That is an apt description of The Yellow Dogs. The Brooklyn quartet's debut In The Kennel EP has an authentic sound, with all of the best influences of punk and indie. There is a subtle edgyness along with melodic tendencies. The band is from Brooklyn, but yet there is an air of the UK in the vocals and arrangements. Repeated listenings to the four tracks keep bringing me back to the comment of authentic. The Yellow Dogs sound as if they should have been contemporaries with the Gang of Four and other founders of the genre. The In The Kennel EP deserves a lot of attention. This is a debut effort which signals a band that will have much to say. Stream and download The Yellow Dogs at the link below.

Footnote: When I wrote this review, I was not aware that the band was originally from Tehran, Iran. It is amazing that such strong music has found its way out of such an oppressive place. These guys deserve huge kudos and much success.