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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cassie: Old Light

Old Light cover art
The end of February saw the release of Old Light, the new EP from Finish post-rock band Cassie. A long time FZB favorite (first featured here in June, 2011), Cassie are a bit of an enigma. A band capable of superlative beauty, splendid songwriting, crisp production and soaring vocals. At the same time the band has struggled with wider recognition. Their name, of course, is most commonly associated with the Billboard topping R&B/hip-hop artist and their recorded output is minimal. The band has managed to release only a meer 11 tracks, spread over three years and three different releases, making it difficult to build an international audience. Cassie is a great band, with great music, who seems destined to be a spark of light in the middle of a dense forest. Find the light. Watch the video for the title track and then stream and download Old Light at the link below.