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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mothers: Panamanian Times & Phonoscenes: The Relative

Panamanian Times cover artThe Relative cover art
Last week saw the release of two new records from our friends at Brooklyn collective Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen.

The first is Panamanian Times, the debut full length from post-punk outfit Mothers. The trio of Ben Wallin, Burke Williams and Dylan Ettlinger. make no holds barred, in your face rock, that is not afraid to have melodic qualities and sensual noise. If you like Cloud Nothings, then check out Mothers. You will not be disappointed.
The second release is The Relative, the debut EP from Phonoscenes. The four tracks take a cleaner approach to indie rock that features strong vocals, nice riffy guitars and a very sold rhythm section. Nice dynamic changes and imaginative lyrics make for a thoroughly fine record. The band of Cameron Erdogan, Spencer Cunningham,  Daniel Girma, Jacob Sunshine and  Isaac Bunch show us that you can be polished while retaining your edge. Stream and download Panamanian Times and The Relative at the links below.