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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Subways On The Sun: The Honeymoon Stagecoach

Seattle-based Subways On The Sun recently signed to Spartan Records, who then re-released the band's debut album The Honeymoon Stagecoach.  Energetic and youthful, this album is thrilling to listen to and certainly radio-ready in terms of precision and production.  Smooth-sounding, soothing vocals inspire the listener to adventure into the lands of imagination concocted by the instrumental lyricism.  However musically exacting the song, Subways On The Sun sound so good together, and each individual musical voice makes its contribution with clarity and ease.  We eagerly await Subways On The Sun's sophomore album due out on September 21st, but this first album is a definite must have in the meantime.  Stream and buy The Honeymoon Stagecoach at the link below.