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Monday, October 31, 2011

New Blackbird Blackbird Video: Blind

Here's a cool unofficial video for the track Blind by FZB favorite Blackbird Blackbird.

Gem Club: New Video for 252

Here's a new video for the Gem Club track 252 off their just reviewed Breakers album.

Gem Club - 252 from Matthew Salton on Vimeo.

Gem Club: Breakers

Breakers Cover Art

Breakers is the new album from Boston band Gem Club. Breakers is 9 tracks of dreamy indie music reminiscent of Bon Iver. The tracks have beuatiful textures with piano and strings layering into delicate vocals. This is intimate music that engages the listener in its lush folds. Minimalist in nature, the music arrives and departs like birds on a fence post, beautiful in the instant, but as quickly gone. This is a great album from a superlative band. Stream and buy Breakers at the link below.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh No It's POk: Arthur's Guinness Day Video

FZB mid-year top 10 pic Oh NO It's POk won the Arthur's Guinness Day talent search. Here's a video of them setting up and performing at the Arthur's Guinness Day fest.

New Video from Pinemarten: Here It Is

A new video from UK synthpop artist Pinemarten for their soon to be released track Here It Is. Watch for a review on this artist coming to FZB soon.

Para Siempre: Stranded

Stranded Cover Art

Stranded is the new EP from San Francisco shoegazer Para Siempre. Stranded serves up 4 songs of lo-fi, garage rock. Noisy, jangly and reverby, this EP has all the y's covered. Para Siempre impressed earlier this year with their album Hysteria and the Stranded EP keeps the trend going with driving tracks in a similar vein to Jay Reatard, Wavves and Ty Segall.  Para Siempre are prolific with three releases totalling 19 tracks in 2011, including the Hysteria album  reviewed back in April and the EP Disorder. Stream and download Stranded for free at the link below. You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Video from Nanosaur: Gold Coast

Here's a new video for the single Gold Coast by Nanosaur. The video is directed by Arturo Torres.

Esque: "Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess

"Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess Cover Art

"Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess is the new EP from FZB mid-year top 10 pick Esque. This band just gets better with every release. In my review of their album Tonightmares, I said the album "is the realization of what an art rock album can be." Well I'm sticking with that. Esque should be a major force in synth pop music. They are that good! It's only a matter of time before these guys hit major status with their radio ready, yet supremely interesting music. Get on the bandwagon with Esque and say you new them when. Stream and download "Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess for free at the link below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Race of Robots: In Dreams

In Dreams Cover Art

In Dreams is the latest album for FZB favorites Race of Robots, aka Zach Holmes and Coby Nida, from Washington, D.C. In Dreams brings us more of the band's own brand of dream pop. Glistening instrumentals frame light vocals, with the mix swirling around till the outside world is gone and only the tracks themselves are left in one's mind. Race of Robots make great music, simple as that. Stream and download In Dreams for free at the link below.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video From Esque: Double Blind

Here's a cool video for an older track from synth poppers Esque. Leaves me in anticipation of their new EP that's coming soon.

Radio Wire Empire: Neotenic

Neotenic EP Cover Art

Detroit shoegazers Radio Wire Empire have come with a new EP titled Neotenic. The five tracks deliver more of Radio Wire Empire's unique blend of post punk with synth pop. It's a blend that works well, giving us songs that are light and airy, yet edgy. Strong vocals and guitar driven elements, both electric and acoustic give Neotenic a diverse set of sonic components that range in style from Radiohead to Hot Chip. Stream and buy Neotenic at the link below.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Give Genko His Lights Back - Please Help

FZB favorite I Am Genko had his flat ripped off and lost all his equipment. Help him out by making a contribution at the link below.

FTHRSN: Hysteria

hysteria Cover Art

Hysteria is the latest EP from Ann Arbor's FTHRSN. The 6 tracks serve up a lightly lo-fi mix of dream pop songs with minimalist beats and instrumentals. There is a lushness to the layers that seem to fill the space with an ambience, while at the same time maintaining a minimalist structure. Heavy does of reverb abound and the vocals make me think of song forms from the bygonne era of the crooners, ala Bobby Darrin meets synth pop. FTHRSN do it with style. Stream and download Hysteria at the link below.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Rest: Always On My Mind/The Last Day


Hamilton, Ontario shoegazers The Rest have dropped a new single in advance of their next album coming in 2012. Always On My Mind/The Last Day is everything good about shoegaze. It's poppy and heavy, reverby and distant, features two strong songs and has a lo-fi ish production. Beautiful vocals, wrapped in lush guitars, with solid drums anchoring a straight forward delivery that is at once an intimate experience with the music. Always On My Mind/The Last Day is a perfect foreshadowing of what can be expected to be a great album. Can't wait. Stream and download Always On My Mind/The Last Day for free at the link below.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Plastic Rose:The Promise Notes

The Promise Notes Cover Art

The Promise Notes is the debut album from Belfast's A Plastic Rose. The quartet are the next step in the line of fine bands that have come out of Ireland. The seven tracks on The Promise Notes span the rock landscape from alt rock to grunge, with powerful, melodic passages that draw one into the band's vision. Lush vocal harmonies, compelling lyrics and strong musicianship abound on this record. A Plastic Rose are a band bound for wide recognition. Make The Promise Notes part of you collection. Stream and buy the album at the link below.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Funeral and the Twilight: Sullen Life///Blighted Death


Sullen Life///Blighted Death is the latest album from Minneapolis' The Funeral and the Twilight. As the title suggests this is dark sullen music. Imagine a bunch of death metal afficianados starting a post punk band. There are many elements of early punk esthetics to be found on this album and at times the vocals sound like early Joe Strummer. The music itself takes on a horror film like feel, that is hightened by sinister vocals and piercing reverb laden instrumentals. The album gives a unique take on the post hardcore arena and has many interesting elements. Stream and buy Sullen Life///Blighted Death at the link below.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dios Trio: High On Bikes

High On Bikes Cover Art

High On Bikes is the latest full length from Westborough, MA instrumental rockers Dios Trio. The eight tracks feature guitar heavy, math rock, with a decidedly post-punk feel. Ranging from dream pop to alt rock influences, High On Bikes makes the most of the genre. Traditional rock format bands of guitar, bass and drums have always been marginalized by the limitations of an instrumental format. Lacking the sonic range of synthesizers and electronics, the format leaves a limited pallette to work with. Dios Trio overcome this with catchy, well constructed songs, quality musicianship, dynamic changes and style variations. High On Bikes is an albumn that stands on its own. Stream and buy High On Biukes at the link below. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Phantom Vibration: Growing EP


FZB favorites Phantom Vibration return with a new EP titled Growing. This EP is the second part of a three part EP concept the band is releasing. (The first part, the Kids EP, was previously reviewed on FZB.) Growing serves up four catchy songs with layers of vocals and lush guitar parts which all tie together into dreamy pop melodies. Phantom Vibrations is a band that gets better with every listen. Can hardly wait for the final chapter of ths EP trilogy. Time for an indie label to wake up from its dream and sign these guys. Stream and download Growing for free at the link below.

Friday, October 14, 2011

pacificUV: Chrysalis

Chrysalis Cover Art

Chrysalis is the latest EP from Athens, GA shoegazers pacificUV. The five tracks range from powerful synths and beats giving the feeling of an immense experience, to intimate ambience and minimalist beats drawing the listener inward. The vocals are darkish but standout as a focal point when present. The production on Chrysalis is flawless and the musicality high. This is a serious band, with serious talent and clear vision for how to deliver their sonic message. Stream and download Chrysalis for free at the link below.

Lovely Bad Things: New Video for Icee Creeps

The Lovely Bad Things have a cool new video for their track Icee Creeps, featuring some bizarre party doings. Check it out below.

ICEE CREEPS! By Lovely Bad Things (OFFICIAL) from Lovely Bad Things on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fungi Girls: Some Easy Magic


Take a trip back to 60's psychedelic with the Fungi Girls latest album, Some Easy Magic. The eleven tracks are some of the most authentic 60's psychedilic out there. The album is like watch the Dating Game episode featuring the Standells, while getting ready to attend a Be-In. This is definately one for every psych lover to have in their collection. Fungi Girls know how to do it and are a great garage band. Stream and buy Some Easy Magic at the link below.

New Video From Crystal Shipsss: Uh Huh

Here's a new video from the FZB reviewed Crystal Shipsss project from Jacob Faurholt. The video, for the track Uh Huh, features retro super 8 amusement park footage with cool burning film effects. Check it out below.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2,000 Views a Month and Growing - Thank You from FZB

Since launching this blog last March, readership has been growing steadily. FZB has now passed 2,000 views per month and continues to grow. Thanks to all of you that appreciate the blog and the artists presented here. FZB will continue to bring you great music from new artists that are trying to be heard and make their mark. Thank you for your support.

New Video From Can Can: Caos

New video for the track Caos from FZB favorites Can Can. Check it out below.

Ra Cailum: Finding My Way

Ra Cailum: Finding My Way (SSR009) Cover Art

Ra Cailum is St. Louis based artist producer Anthony Engelhardt. His latest EP on Speaker Snacks Records is Findindg My Way. The five tracks are a blend of electronica, chillwave and noise to form an original take current electronic tastes. Ra Cailum makes minimalist dream pop that is trippy, with prominent elements of 8-bit video game like synths. The whole package makes for an interesting journey through electronic fields. Stream and download Finding My Way at the link below.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stumbleine: Rose Tinted EP

Rose Tinted EP Cover Art

The Rose Tinted EP is the second release from Bristol, UK's Stumbleine. The EP serves up four tracks of ambient textured dream pop. The synth pads are lush and are highlighted by sampled vocals that ride the air in the background, there, but not there. Very minimalist beats underscore the overall ambient landscape which builds sonic dreams on each track. The music just flows over you like a nice warm shower melting away stress and troubles. This is an EP you'll go back to over and over. Stream and download the Rose Tinted EP at the link below.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mod Gun: Fools

Fools Cover Art

FZB favorites Mod Gun have relased their sophomore album Fools. The Boston indie rockers have another winner with 8 tracks of dynamic and catchy garage rock. Produced by the band and Richard Marr, the tracks come at you with a heavy post-punk feel. The songs have an epic feel to them, while at the same time having a more down to earth lo-fi tinged treatment. This could be the bands breakthrough record and will surely garner them wider attention. Stream and download fools at the link below.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Germany Germany: Adventures

Adventures Cover Art

Germany Germany is an electronic project of Victoria, BC artist/producer Drew Harris. The latest album, Adventures, is a massive work of 17 tracks spanning an hour of music. The tracks are expertly performed and produced. Ranging from electronica, to electro pop to more experimental pieces, Adventures take the listener on a journey through synthesized soundsacapes that are melodic and tasteful. Harris makes genuine music and eschews the gimmicky sounds so prevalent in much of electronic music. This is an artist using music as a palette to create beauty. Stream and buy Adventures at the link below.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brighter Fires: Brighter Fires

Brighter Fires Cover Art

Brighter Fires is the self-titled debut album from the Virginia based duo. The 11 tracks are powerful and driving, with compelling vocals and a heavy blend of guitar and synths. Brighter Fires have a unique sound, at times envoking song forms reminiscent of Roxy Music and Human League, but much heavier. The music just grabs you by the balls and says sit up straight and listen. Originality, excellent musicianship, strong writing and sparkling production are in short supply in indie music and Brighter Fires deliver all in droves on this record. Stream and buy Brighter Fires at the link below.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Religious Girls: Midnight Realms EP


Some bands are prolific in their output, some are not. With their second EP, Midnight Realms, Religious Girls fall into the latter group. Midnight Realms gives us just two songs to go with their 4 song EP from 2009. This latest EP delivers a chill pop sound that features layers of vocal harmonies over minimal synths and percussive beats. There are no real lyrics, just "ahs" used as a focal layer for the music.Midnight Realms is a very good record, however it is nothing earth shattering. I say this because, with an output of two songs after a two year wait, one would expect the tracks to be monumental. Religious Girls are a fine band, but they need to release more material, so that unrealistic expectations of greatness brought on by such a minimal output of material doesn't hinder their acceptance. Stream and buy Midnight Realms at the link below.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giraffage: Pretty Things EP

Pretty Things EP Cover Art

Pretty Things is the debut EP from San Francisco artist/producer Giraffage, aka Charlie Yin. The four tracks are swirling with dream pop goodness. Lush synthesizer pads, minimalist beats and atmospheric textures abound. Unlike Neon Indian, Washed Out or other chill practitioners, Giraffage makes mainly instrumental music, with there being only cursory vocals used as another layer sound. This relegation of vocals to being just another instrumental layer, allows the music to transport the listener through the scenes of their own mind. All in all this gives the EP has a more intimate feel. Stream and download Pretty Things at the link below.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fenster: Bones

BONES Cover Art

Bones is the debut album from Berlin based electro-acoustic band Fenster. The eight tracks on Bones range from dream pop, to freak folk, to lo-fi ballads. Melodic and lush, the tracks ignore hooks for more textured soundscapes that paint tonal pictures. The minimal beats and sparse arrangements give the music an open feel, while the sound penetrates ones psyche with compelling effectiveness. Fenster deliver an album that is a must listen. Stream Bones at the link below.