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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Granfalloon: Down There For Dancing

Down There For Dancing is the debut album from UK artist Granfalloon, aka Richard Lomax. The eight tracks are tasty dreampop/neo-folk that are melodic and compelling. The music draws the listener in deep with vocals  that engage at a very personal level. Melodic and flowing, the album washes over you like a warm blanket on a cool night, comforting and safe, but not imposing or overly complex. This is an album that has a perfectly enjoyable vibe and a special sense of serenity to the overall feel. Stream and buy Down There For Dancing at the link below.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Winter Witches: Train/Water 7"

The Train/Water 7" is the debut release from Australian duo Winter Witches. The two tracks are dark, intimate and ethereal, with orchestral textures melded to a dream pop aesthetic. The duo take a minimalist approach to arrangement, leaving enough space that each part, whether vocal or instrumental, rises to an important component of the sonic experience. This 7" is beautiful and engaging. Stream and buy Train/Water at the link below.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Neverending Delays: Muzak For The Masses

Muzak For The Masses is the debut album from Polish duo Neverending Delays. The four tracks deliver a lush synth/guitar fusion of dreampop, with ambient influences. The album has wonderful melodic lines that lead effortlessly from track to track, with adventurous beats, phrasing and arrangements. Eschewing cliche sounds for copious amounts of originality, this is an album that showcases strong musicianship and truckloads of talent. We can't wait to hear more. A definite must have. Stream and buy Muzak For The Masses at the link below.

Monday, August 28, 2017

American Anyman: Flag Burner

New York collective American Anymen are back with, Flag Burner, an inspired EP of protest music that captures the angst, frustration and horror of now living in a facist America. The three tracks of folk-punk are lyrically stunning, saying what the mindless trump (purposely not capitalized) supporters need to hear, a focused and eloquent fuck you. True protest music is a limiting genre for an artist, as its shelf life is short and only stands while timely relevant. It is a testament to any artist with the balls to sacrifice music to make a specific political statement. This EP is a absolute must have. Stream and download Flag Burner for free at the link below.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Crush: No Easy Way

Austrian indie Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, brings us No Easy Way, the new EP from Crush. The three tracks are 60's Mersey Beat reminiscent pop songs that twang of 12 string, smooth melodies and catchy hooks. This EP perfectly captures 60's pop styling and definitely leaves the listener wanting much more. Stream and buy No Easy Way at the link below.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dave Wesley: Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 - EPv1

Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 - EPv1 is the catchy titled new ambient EP from the now Porto based Dave Wesley.  When ambient is done correctly, it can be transformative by providing a full orchestral experience, within the framework of a limited, focused soundscape and melodic structure. That is what one finds on this EP, superlative sonic renderings of grace, beauty and substance. Stream and buy  Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 - EPv1 at the link below.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Exssex Muro, Numb Life

North Carolina's Sorry State Records, is a purveyor of hardcore, punk and garage excellence. Their latest release is Numb Life, the new album from Essex Muro. The nine tracks are devastating hardcore punk full of  grungy back alley brawls and 2:30 am dives from the stage. This is punk the way it was meant to be, loud, fast and snotty. Stream and buy Numb Life at the link below.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cut Surface: Compilation A

Austrian label Cut Surface has released a stunning compilation album featuring 20 of their artists. The tracks are sultry, fierce, industrial, post-punk, surf and psychedelic gems. This is a compilation where every track delivers up sonic goodness in huge portions. The perfect way for you to hear a lot of different bands and get the feel for the label's curation of artists. A definite must have. Stream and buy Compilation A at the link below.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Chuck: Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store

After five releases in a little over nine months, Brooklyn pop auteur Chuck, aka Charles Griffin Gibson, is calling it quits with his final album Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store. The 15 tracks rollick through an urban landscape painting sprightly, twangy and catchy indie pop songs that are captivating in their simplicity and presentation. A fine album by an artist that would be welcome to stay around a while. Watch the video for album track New Yorker, then stream and buy Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store at the link below.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vukovar: The Clockwork Dance

The Clockwork Dance is the new two song single from UK band Vulovar. The two tracks are sultry post-punk with the title track having an eastern flair and mesmerizing drum beat. The second track is a live rendering that is a seven minute excursion into the band's Joy Divisionesque compelling live show.This is a fine band at their best. As a whole the two tracks are a nice followup to their album at the start of the year and wets our appetite for more. Watch the video and then stream and download The Clockwork Dance at the link below.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Astari Nite: Dreams of Majesty

Dreams of Majesty is the new EP from Miami band Astari Nite. The four tracks are 80's retro new wave goodness. With a sound drawn from bands like Depeche Mode, Human League and The Cure, this EP sounds more like a throwback than an homage, with a strong dance beat, atmospheric vocals and a sound that is resplendent in all it's 80's glory. This EP is not a new take on an old theme, but is rather a nostalgic remake for those that missed the original time. Watch the video for the track Lovesick, then stream and buy Dreams of Majesty at the link below.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ryan Joseph Anderson: City of Vines

Chicago based singer-songwriter Ryan Joseph Anderson is back with his sophomore album, City of Vines. The ten tracks are a stylish romp through Americana, alt-country, blues and indie rock. With an authenticity to his songwriting and an earnestness to his delivery, Anderson is a troubadour for a new era. This is an ablum with a big sound, but yet an intimate feel; an album that speaks to musical roots and new possibilities. Stream and buy City of Vines at the link below.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Parsons Rocket Project: Parsons Rocket Project

Atlanta dreampop band Parsons Rocket Project have released their S/T debut EP. The six tracks have a diverse feel from stratospheric rock to a shimmering synthpop sheen, with heavy reverb and soaring guitar lines, swirling in an ambient continuum, paired with engaging vocals. This is a strong record that works as a nice sequenced piece all the way through, with an enjoyably compelling flow. Stream and buy Parsons Rocket Project at the link below.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Til Howl: Til Howl

Toronto based indie rock band Til Howl have released their S/T debut EP. The six tracks are wide ranging stylistically and show many diverse influences. Unfortunately, those influences are too omnipresent, as most tracks sound directly derivative. That said, this EP has superlative music on it, with a nice lo-fi production sheen and compelling arrangements and performances. With such obvious talent on display, one hopes that on subsequent releases this band finds their own original voice, as it would be a shame to see them consigned to the bin of forgotten imitators. Stream and buy Til Howl at the link below.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tombstones In Their Eyes: Fear EP

LA band, Tombstones In Their Eyes, have released their latest EP Fear. The five tracks are a collection of garage tinged, psychedelic colored, indie rock. The songs are deep and dark, with mood swings from heavy crushing guitars to light a melodic passages. With influences from Pink Floyd to My Bloody Valentine, this EP is a compelling masterpiece that will appeal to a wide rock audience. A definite must have. Watch the video for EP track Always There, then stream and buy Fear at the link below.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Lark and the Loon: Songbirds and Fog

Songbirds and Fog is the debut album from Arkansas based The Lark and the Loon. The husband & wife duo of Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen deliver 19 tracks of original, pristine Americana music. Their music is the closest you'll get to riding the rails with Woody Guthrie. Featuring wonderful vocal play between the two, engaging arrangements and an authenticity to their songwriting, that make the album a singular testament to the rich folk legacy that the duo embodies. The album is a definite must have. Stream and buy Songbirds and Fog at he link below.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Bordellos: Underground Tape Vol. 7

FZB favorites The Bordellos have released Underground Tape Vol. 7, their latest installment of previously unreleased material. Regular readers of this blog will be very familiar with The Bordellos work, as they are featured here regularly via their prolific output. What you get on this EP is the band's compelling folkrock, with lo-fi production, intimate songs and the sound of a dark basement coffeehouse. We love The Bordellos, you should too. Stream and download Underground Tapes Vol. 7 at the link below.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Heavy Blinkers: The Night and I Are Still So Young

In 2004, Canada's The Heavy Blinkers released The Night and I Are Still So Young. In the years that have passed, this superlative pop album has been named as one of the best records of the early 00's and is regarded as one of the best Canadian records ever. Now, Toronto indie Label Obscura have given this classic its first ever vinyl release and also made it available for digital download. This is an album that should be in everyone's collection and is a must have. Watch the video for the title track, then stream and buy The Night and I Are Still So Young at the link below.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Get A Life: What You Deserve 7"

Texas artist Get A Life has released his debut 7", What You Deserve b/w 2 Plus 2 Equals 5.The first track is a dense industrial piece with heavy noise and a lo-fi feel The second track is the opposite with a light melodic structure, though still having industrial overtones. The record is enjoyable, but neither track really gives the listener anything to hold on to. The tracks just sort of unfold in front of you and when they're over, they leave nothing behind in the mind. They are just over. Check it out as it's definitely worth a listen. Stream and buy What You Deserve at the link below.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Raveen: Always

Always is the new album from Montreal based band Raveen. The nine tracks are atmospheric dream pop, but with a depth and musicality that one would expect from post-rock, not radio ready pop. This album is marked by its strengths. Strong arrangements, compelling production and enticing vocals, make this album a sublime listening .experience. Inspired performances and dark textures showcase one of the best albums of the year so far. Stream and buy Always at the link below.