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Friday, July 29, 2016

Dave Rave & The Governors: Radio Rave

Radio Rave cover art

New York City artist Dave Rave is back with, Radio Rave, his third album with backing band, The Governors. Rave is an in demand songwriting partner and constant touring musician, with tons of musical chops.The twelve tracks are pristine pop rock, which showcase a mature songwriter at the height of his powers. Superlative arrangements and production highlight an album that is strong from start to finish. Few release have the depth, balance and musicianship of this release. This is a must have. Stream and buy Radio Rave at the link below.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Naked On My Own: Elevated

Elevated cover art

Elevated is the new album from Polish experimental project Naked On My Own. The nine tracks blend elements from shoegaze, post rock, garage and drone, into a tasty, ethereal sonic experience. The album is the work of artist/producer Jarek Leskiewicz, in collaboration with drummer Russell Keeble and a myriad of contributors. With atmospheric vocals, imaginative synth pads, heavy guitars and great sonic depth, the band delivers a compelling album that is a must have. Stream and buy Elevated at the link below.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Politburo: Barrington Way

Barrington Way cover art

Barrington Way is the sophomore album from Manchester, UK psych rockers Politburo. The ten tracks tread through post-punk waters with originality and panache. The album infuses influences that hearken back to the days of the mods and offerings from The Jam and The Who, while channeling neither. Politburo have their own sonic vision, which offers expansive tracks with both raw simplicity and polished complexity, woven together in a tapestry of inspired music. Stream and download Barrington Way at the link below.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hood Smoke: Rough Around The Hedges

Rough Around The Hedges cover art

Chicago's Hood Smoke have released their third album, Rough Around The Hedges. The ten tracks are a varied journey through pop, with R&B, rock and jazz influences. What results is an album of depth and charm, featuring stunning vocals, strong arrangements and polished production. Smooth, enjoyable and accomplished, these are musicians showcasing mastery of the craft in a radio ready album. Stream and buy Rough Around The Hedges at the link below.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Vibrissae: Somewhere Away

Somewhere Away cover art

Portland based shoegaze trio, Vibrissae, have released their debut album Somewhere Away. The nine tracks are heavy, original and perfect. Going from minimal to full on in your face, this album drips virtuosity. Stunning vocals, imaginative synths and some of the best guitar work we've heard in a long time, highlight a compelling album of depth and beauty. This is an absolute must have. Watch a video of the band live and then stream and buy Somewhere Away at the ink below.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

The Unlearning Curve cover art

The Unlearning Curve is the latest album from Post Death Sound Track, a Canadian music collective spread across Vancouver and Toronto. The nine tracks blend rock, industrial and electronic influences into a dark and lush sonic spectrum. With sterling production and an atmospheric sheen, towering vocals and complex harmonies drive an album of depth and virtuosity. Stream and download Unlearning Curve at the link below.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Bordellos: Fool Britannia

Fool Britannia cover art

FZB favorites The Bordellos have released a new EP, Fool Britannia. The UK band gives us three tracks that express the discord caused by Brexit. Prescient and irreverent, the EP crystallizes the sentiment of many over the ridiculous xenophobia the UK is expressing to the rest of the world. This record is a nice interlude to tide us over till the Bordellos proper album release in August. Stream and download Fool Britannia for free at the link below.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunset Wrecks: Salvaged

Salvaged cover art

Salvaged is the new album from instrumentalists Sunset Wrecks. The duo of Jarek Leskiewicz (Naked On My Own, Blurred City Lights) and Martin Anderson (Dopedrone, Yeti Island), deliver seven tracks of scrumptious heavy music. The album brings disparate stylistic elements from shoegaze, to drone, to post-rock, to metal together in a cohesive, imaginative and highly original record. Long on musicianship that is both engaging and deep, this duo are master craftsman. Stream and download Salvaged at the link below.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nanosaur: This Is Life

This Is Life EP cover art

FZB favorite Nanosaur, aka Michael Solorzano, is back today with a new EP, This Is Life. The Bay Area based artist/producer delivers three tracks of glimmering synthpop, that have ample originality and a depth of influence ranging from Neon Indian to The Doobie Brothers. Staying true to hispanic roots and using upbeat arrangements, Solorzano shows that synthpop can still be a simple, intimate affair with an EP that connects directly with the listener. A definite must have. Stream and download This Is Life at the link below.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vukovar: Voyeurism

VOYEURISM cover art

FZB favorites Vukovar are back with a new album, Voyeurism, on UK label Small Bear Records. The 8 tracks are dark post-punk anthems, that show influences ranging from Joy Division to The Used. The album is inventive, highly original and completely compelling.The sonic palette is dark and misty, with the feel of a spooky back alley. This is a strong record that is a definite must have. Watch the video for album track Blood Garden, then stream and buy Voyeurism at the link below. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Double Echo: Ancient Youth

Ancient Youth cover art

FZB favorites, Double Echo are back with their third release, Ancient Youth, on Sweden's Peter Out Records. The Liverpool, England based goth trio deliver an EP that again impresses with strong melodies, innovative instrumental hooks and a dark veil. The five tracks are more energetic and upbeat than their last year's release La Danza. Double Echo are maturing as both song writers and recording artists and this new EP showcases a band that demands attention. Stream and buy Ancient Youth at the link below.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Stella Diana: Nitocris

Nitocris cover art

FZB favorites, Stella Diana, are back with a new album, Nitocris. The Italian band have delivered nine delicious tracks of dark shoegaze, with a warm lo-fi sheen. Haunting and atmospheric, the songs evoke a dark basement club full of smoke, sensuality and despair. This album has depth, expert production and a totally compelling sonic experience. Watch the video for album track Sulphur, then stream and buy Nitocris at the link below.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cedar Spring Motel: Cedar Spring Motel

Cedar Spring Motel cover art

Cedar Spring Motel is the S/T debut EP from the Hamilton, Ontario based power trio. Treading the ground between punk and hard core, the four tracks are raw, heavy and energetic, while at the same time maintaining some sense of melodic content. The production is clean and reveals the hard edge of the tracks without adding false color. The vocals are in your face and the instruments are bombastic, without any pretentiousness. This is a band that understands punk should be visceral . Stream and download Cedar Spring Motel at the link below.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chris Hazelton Trio: Peregrination

Peregrination cover art

Peregrination, by Kansas City Jazz artist Chris Hazelton, is a testament to the legacy of a city who's jazz scene was transformative to how this art form exists today. Eschewing a more conventional jazz instrument, Hazelton is a master of the Hammond B3 organ. Backed by longtime Kansas City stalwarts Danny Embrey on guitar and Kevin Frazee on drums, the ten tracks swing with tasteful improvisation that never loses melodic intimacy with the piece of music being performed. Tight, creative and with the Hammond B3 being displayed in it's most unique environment, the trio deliver an album of sublime jazz. Stream and buy Peregrination at the link below.