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Friday, August 30, 2013

Vinatge Revolver: Carolina EP

The Carolina EP cover art
Carolina is the debut EP from Charlotte artist/producer Vintage Revolver, aka Forrest Spellman. The five tracks combine lush, heavy synth pads with minimal beats and lo-fi vocals, to produce some highly original synthpop with a subtle 80's new wave vibe. The EP chronicles the artist's personal journey of discovery over the summer of 2013. This EP seems to fly by, leaving one definitely wanting more. Hopefully, a full length album will be in the cards for this artist. Stream and download the Carolina EP at the link below.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pacific UV: After The Dream You Are Awake

After the Dream You Are Awake cover art
After The Dream You Are Awake is the latest album from Athens, GA shoegazers Pacific UV. On this their fifth album, the band of Clay Jordan, Suny Lyons, Lemuel Hayes and Laura Solomon deliver their most expansive work to date. The album is sonically diverse, ranging from hushed dreampop to crisp 80's electronic. The band has always had a polished radio ready vibe, which becomes more fully realized with this release. Stream and buy After The Dream You Are Awake at the link below.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

케이프 (Cape): No. 3 and No.2

No. 3 cover art
Our friends over at Mouca Records turned us on to these self-released two track EP's by Berlin pop group 케이프, aka Cape. The tracks are perfect pop works. Light, airy and minimal, the band follows the Bauhaus School, where every note has a justification for existence. 케이프 makes some of the best pop music we've heard this year. Both EP's are available for free download, so just go do it. Download No.3 and No.2 at the link below.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inner Outlaws: Inner Outlaws

Inner Outlaws cover art
Today marks the release of the self-titled debut EP by Inner Outlaws. The Brooklyn psych rockers are made up of members from FZB favorite Spaces and folk collective The Woods. Though the EP is only two tracks and lasts a scant 15 minutes, the work stands as an epic debut record. Stylistically varied and musically complex, the two tracks are yet accessible, melodic and inviting. Not since Foxeygen's debut, has a band shown this level of originality and depth. That's not to compare the two, as Inner Outlaws have a heavier and more compelling sound. This is a must have. Stream and download Inner Outlaws at the link below.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Various Artists: Ahora Vol. 1

Imágenes integradas 1
Madrid based net label Young Latitudes has released a new compilation album Ahora Vol. 1. The album is comprised of 14 tracks from some of the most creative emerging artists of 2013. Featuring electronic and experimental works from artists familiar to FZB readers, such as Touurs and Sun Glitters, as well as many new discoveries that will feed the appetite any music aficionado.  Stream and download Ahora Vol. 1 for "Name Your Price" at the link below.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Inner Outlaws: EP Trailer

New York band Inner Outlaws is releasing their debut self-titled EP on August 27th. The band is comprised of members of FZB favorite Spaces and folk collective The Woods. We'll have a review here on FZB around the release date, but in the mean time watch the trailer below.

Hanetration: Timelapse EP

Timelapse EP cover art
FZB favorite Hanetration has released his fourth EP Timelapse. This UK artist should be no stranger to readers of this blog. With Timelapse, the artist again graces us with his special blend of IDM, drone and noise. The five imaginative tracks meld together with industrial soundscapes and some aggressive vibes. As always Hanetration carves out a unique sound that sets his work apart from the more mundane expanse of ambient artists. Stream and download the Timelapse EP for free at the link below.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stray Theories: Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain cover art
Those Who Remain is the latest album from New Zealand based post-rock artist Stray Theories, aka Micah Templeton-Wolfe. The album serves up eight tracks of beautiful instrumentals, that range from dark spectrals to lush pastorals. Ambient synths wash over one with layers of sonic texture that lift the listener into the heart of the artist. Stray Theories has created an album of totally engaging music. Stream and buy Those Who Remain at the link below.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Musicsova: Yes Or Yes?

Yes or Yes ? cover art
Yes Or Yes? is the new EP from Rennes, France post-punk band Musicsova. The five tracks are a powerful trip into noise rock. Stunning in its authority and commanding of one's attention, Musicsova have created an EP that is destined to be one of the singular works of 2013. This is simply an EP that is so good it demands everyone to take notice. Do it or be lost in a world lacking of true rock greatness. Stream and buy Yes Or Yes? at the link below.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wolf Collage: Suburbia Space Program

Suburbia Space Program cover art
Suburbia Space Program is the debut EP from San Francisco artist/producer Wolf Collage, aka Rodney Brown. The five tracks are a vision of atmospheric dream pop. The EP, which lasts a scant 11 minutes, documents the personal journey from lost soul to finding one's self. With deep pads and lush synth lines, this is a work that will appeal to anyone who likes Washed Out and chill vibes. Stream and buy Suburbia Space Program at the link below.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Illegal Wiretaps: Welted Inscriptions EP

Welted Inscriptions E.P. cover art
It's been a minute since we had new music from FZB favorites Illegal Wiretaps, so here is their new EP Welted Inscriptions. The four tracks are darkish, glitchy affairs. The Houston based duo of Stephan Wyatt and Anthony June continue their penchant for industrial vibes and field recordings paired with ambient textures. The EP is a compelling work that draws one in as deep as the eyes of the model on the cover. Stream and download the Welted Inscriptions EP at the link below.

Crystal Soda Cream: Escape From Vienna Video

FZB Favorites Crystal Soda Cream have a new murky underwater themed video for their Joy Divisionesque track Escape From Vienna. Watch it below.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Radiator Hospital: Something Wild

Something Wild cover art
Something Wild is the latest album from Philadelphia band Radiator Hospital, The thirteen tracks are a rollicking romp through power pop. The songs have a light hearted vibe that still shows their punk heritage, while reeling off at breakneck speed. There are just enough moments where the pace slows down to catch one's breath while hanging on to the ride. This band is tight, dynamic and loads of fun. Stream and buy Something Wild at the link below.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Umberto: Dead Silent Morning Video

Here's a haunting new video from electronic auteur Umberto, for the track Dead Silent Morning.

Programs: Promises

Promises cover art
Promises is the debut EP from indie pop group Programs. The duo of Robby Casso and Dillon McCabe hail from the fertile musical grounds of Athens, GA, a place that gives a new group a lot to live up to. Programs meet the challenge with five tracks of crisp, danceable pop music. If you are into Matt and Kim or Peter, Bjorn and John, the you will like Programs. Nothing pretentious here, just good, enjoyable, pop music. Does anyone really need anything more? Stream and download Promises at the link below.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oathless & Good Weather For An Airstrike: Sol

Sol cover art
UK label Hawk Moon Records brings us the stunning new EP "Sol," a collaboration between Oathless, aka Simon Housley and FZB favorite Good Weather For An Airstrike, aka Tom Honey. The five tracks blend chill beats with ambient landscapes to deliver an album of soaring beauty. These two producers are perfectly in sync on this collaboration, melding flawlessly into a new  musical identity. This is definitely one of the signature works of 2013. Stream and download Sol at the link below.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kismet: New Singles

New Singles cover art
New Singles is the sophomore release from Boston indie folk group Kismet. The band of Ellie Perez, Jon Kohen, Roman Soto and Nathaniel Sabat tease us with three tracks of superlative beauty. The Mumfortization of acoustic music has been a major disappointment, with band after band jumping on that lame bandwagon. Kismet save us from this trend by making music that is fresh and original. With influences from Elliot Smith to Bon Iver, the band show us that acoustic music can once again shine in a meaningful creative light. Stream and download New Singles at the link below.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cooked Books: The Reader

The Reader cover art
The Reader is the debut album from Bloomington, IN band Cooked Books. The quartet of Ben Lumsdaine, Cathy Paquet, Joe Crawford, and David Bower treat us to ten tracks of solid power pop. Drawing from punk and psychedelic influences, the album is an edgy work that showcases a band with much promise. Grungy and sporting an authentic garage persona, The Reader is definitely one to add to your collection. Stream and buy The Reader at the link below.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Vale Kings: It's So Cold In Alaska

It's so cold in alaska cover art
It's So Cold In Alaska is the debut EP from German indie rock group Vale Kings. Band members Philip Nürnberger, Daniel Reynders, Martin Schuster and Simon Kneip have given us four tracks of lo-fi, reverby, dreampop laden rock. The tracks are powerful, catchy and engaging. Vale Kings have put together a guitar focused sound that is both laid back and driving. This is another fine debut effort to ad to your summer music acquisitions. Stream and buy It's So Cold In Alaska at the link below.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Through A Glass Darkly: Double Standard

Double Standard cover art
Double Standard is the new album from FZB favorites Through A Glass Darkly. The Australian trio of Dave Low, Lachy Street and Amelia Sim return with ten tracks of their own brand of retro, fuzzy, blues rock. Powerful and tight, the band rips through this record like a run away train. This album has everything one could want out of straight up rock n roll. Pay particular attention to how the album moves through the tracks Dark Country, Never Never and Losing My Mind, and you'll understand the depth of talent that lives in this band. Making such varied influences work together is a true art. Stream and buy Double Standard at the link below.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Venusians: Venusians EP

VENUSIANS EP cover art
Venusians EP is the new self-titled EP from the Buenos Aires shoegazers. Don't have any info on these guys, as no bio or backstory can be found on their sites. All we know is this is a damn good EP. The four tracks are dark and heavy, with a raw aesthetic and a semi lo-fi production quality.  The EP makes good use of noise elements and has a distinct punk influenced feel. Not just another duo trying to be trendy, but rather an original and compelling take on the genre. Stream and buy (for only $1 USD) the Venusians EP at the link below.

Camilla Sparksss: You Are Awesome Video

We have a new video for FZB favorite Camilla Sparksss' superb track You Are Awesome. Simply, the best videos we have seen in a very very long time. Check it out below.

Future History: With Haste Video

FZB favorites Future History have a new album coming on September 24th titled Lungs. We have an advance look at the album via the video for the first single With Haste. Watch it at the link below.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Black City Lights: Another Life

Another Life cover art
Today marks the release of the debut full length from FZB favorites Black City Lights. The album, from our friends at Star and Letters Records, is a synthpop force to be reckoned with. Dark and shimmering, with a sonic spectrum that keeps one engaged, Black City lights deliver a debut that is rare in the depth of its quality. The duo of Calum Robb & Julia Catherine Parr have a created an album destined to become a classic. For the first week of release you can stream and download for name your own price at the link below.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Faux Fur: Faux Fur

Faux Fur cover art
Faux Fur is the self-titled debut album from the Calgary based post-punkers. The ten tracks are quirky and original. The best way to describe this record is to imagine a minimalist, punkish version of Yes guitarist Steve Howe, teamed up with nondescript vocals and the rhythm section of Times New Viking. This is not your usual hook laden fodder, but rather is the showcase of a band willing to stretch the genre and themselves. The album could benefit greatly from a professional mix and mastering, but that aside is a nice piece of work for a debut. Stream and buy Faux Fur at the link below.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tracing Figures: Fault Lines

Fault Lines cover art
Fault Lines is the latest EP from San Francisco indie rock group Tracing Figures. The band of Thad Baker, Eric Bateman, Brianne Sherman and Dean Faustman have released three tracks of lush, intimate music. Led by Sherman's exceptional vocals, the tracks showcase a band that is tight, melodic and radio ready. The EP is good in every way that a record can be. It draws one into its spell and then rewards with superlative ear candy. We are really wanting to hear a full album from this band. Stream and buy Fault Lines at the link below.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

D/A/D: The Construct

The Construct cover art
The Construct is the sophomore album from L.A. electronic artist D/A/D, aka Zach Robinson. Following four years on from his 2009 debut, Robinson returns with ten tracks of retro electronica. The tracks range from the Disney like theatrics of the opener, through guitar riffing glamrock stylings, to synth laden fields of  disco dreams. This album is polished, commercial and ready for a life as music that will ring out from various TV shows. This is a work tailor made for licensing. Stream The Construct at the link below.