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Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Heart: About A Feeling

About A Feeling cover art

About A Feeling is the new album from Swedish artist Summer Heart, aka David Alexander. The album delivers eight tracks of sparkling dreampop. Airy and chill, the tracks range in feel from genre leader Washed Out to the more indie sound Real Estate, but with a bit of lo-fi influence to the vocals. This is fun summer music to be savored on the dog days ahead. Stream and buy About A Feeling at the link below.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Noir Coeur: Jahnimal EP

Jahnimal EP cover art
Jahnimal is the latest EP from the synthpop duo Noir Coeur, aka Jean Ad and Lou Soleil. The 5 tracks feature lush synth pads, prominent beats and heavy reverb vocals to create a chillwave sound with influences of Philly soul. There is a moving danceable edge to Jahnimal, as well as an atmospheric embiance. The Jahnimal EP is a thoroughly enjoyable addition to electropop world. Stream and download the Jahnimal EP at the link below.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

These Seeds: Restless In The Morning

Restless in the Morning's Haze cover art

Restless In The Morning is the new album from ambient post-rock artist These Seeds, aka Bobby Yagodich. Hailing from central Pennsylvania, These Seeds bring a heavy classical influence, combined with a minimalist aesthetic to make an album of darkish ambient music. Using piano as the dominant instrument, the seven tracks on Restless In The Morning envoke the feeling of trying to wreste the sleep from ones head and become conscious of the new day.  Stream and download Restless In The Morning for free at the link below.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black City Lights: Parallels

Parallels EP Cover Art

Black City Lights is the Wellington, new Zealand electronic duo of Calum Robb & Julia Catherine Parr. Their new EP, Parallels, is a breathtaking journey through atmospheric landscapes, lush synth pads and beautiful vocals. The six tracks are dark and haunting, with a sonic immensity that fills one's head. This is a perfect record that deserves a wide audience. Stream and download Parallels at the link below.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Future History: Loss:/Self

Loss:/self Cover Art

Debut albums that can be described as epic come around very rarely. Epic, however is an apt description for Loss:/Self, the debut from Toronto duo Future History. Kevin Ker and Justin Dillon have made an album that is a testament to just how good an indie rock band can be. Melodic, and heavy, one can hear influences of the Decemberists in the songwriting and feel the power in every track. The album is flawlessly produced with mixing having been done by Laurence Currie (Hey Rosetta, Wintersleep). This is a band destined for much greater things. get into them now. Stream and buy Loss:/Self  (or download a two song preview for free) at the link below.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Withershins: Silver Cities

Silver Cities Cover Art

Silver Cities is the long awaited sophomore album from Champaign, IL shoegaze band Withershins. The ten tracks build on the sound of their 2009 debut Aeriel, with a heavy, atmosphereic and slightly lo-fi vibe. Leaning more to an alt rock feel, Silver Cities soars with intricate instrumentals showcasing sterling musicianship and compelling vocals. Stream and buy Siver Cities at the link below.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lady In The Radiator: Beaut

Beaut Cover Art

Beaut is the new EP from New Jersey post-hardcore band Lady In The Radiator. The five tracks are heavy as one would expect, but they are more than that. Featuring elements of shoegaze and psychedelic with a distinct post-punk vibe, Beaut is ride through genres that comes together in a totally pleasing way.  One can here many influences in the tracks, but the ones that comes to me first are The Used and Weezer (like I said, genre ride). That's very good company. Stream and download Beaut at the link below.

Arrange: Two Garden Children Video

Here's a new video for the track Two Garden Children from the Five Years With The Sun EP by FZB favorite Arrange.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hermetic: Civilized City

Civilized City Cover Art

Vancouver post-punk duo Hermetic has released their debut album, Civilized City. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Eric Axen and drummer/vocalist Bart Newman, Hermetic deliver serious sonic content, with their driving take on the post-punk aesthetic. While influences abound in their music, it would be a disservice to name them as Hermetic stake their own ground on Civilized City with a unique sound that is both compelling and heavy. This is a strong debut effort. Stream and buy Civilized City at the link below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

French for Rabbits: Claimedby the Sea EP

Claimed by the Sea EP Cover Art

Claimed by the Sea is the latest EP from New Zealand dream folk duo French for Rabbits, aka Brooke Singer and John Fitzgerald. The six tracks are bult around Singer's vocals, which are warm and haunting in their beauty. The instrumentals are light and airy, helping to create a very personal experience in listening to the EP. Blending elements of folk and dreampop Claimed by the Sea is a wondeful, peaceful EP that is simply beautiful. Stream and buy Claimed by the Sea at the link below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hanetration: Tenth Oar EP

Tenth Oar EP Cover Art

The Tenth Oar EP is the debut from UK ambient artist Hanetration. The EP delivers four tracks of unique and compelling electronic melange. Mildly dark and glitchy Tenth Oar is a musically directed adventure into the conjurings of ones mind. This EP is evocative in the imagery that one manifests as part of the listening experience. Going beyond merely ambient, the sounds and textures employed by Hanetration create a fully immersive experience, which will be at once personal to the listener. This is a great debut and has me on the edge of my seat for what will come next from this talented artist. Stream and download the Tenth Oar EP for free at the link below.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Action Camp: Better Made Fast EP

Better Made Fast EP Cover Art

Better Made Fast is the latest EP from Pittsburgh duo Action Camp, aka Maura Jacob and Bengt Alexsander. Action Camp incorporate elements from garage rock, dreampop and electropop into a sound that is heavy yet intimate, with distinct echos of surf. The EP features three new tracks plus four remixes of those tracks by other Pittsburgh artists. The tracks soar with Jacob's distinctive vocals, that meld atmospheric textures with the driving instrumentals. Everything I have heard from Action Camp is strong, but with only 4 tracks released in the last two years, one must wonder what the future will hold for this duo. Stream and buy Better Made Fast at the link below.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mirror Lady: Roman Candles EP

Roman Candles EP Cover Art

Roman Candles is the debut EP from Los Angeles indie pop band Mirror Lady. The five tracks have a DIY feel and lo-fi aesthetic. Dreamy and atmospheric, with edgy lead vocals and a distinct post-punk vibe, Roman Candles is more than another reverb laden California pop band. While comparisons to other bands would be easy, that would not do service to this EP. Roman Candles works on many levels and you will find more to like about it with each listen. Stream and download Roman Candles at the link below.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lake Radio: Dream House

Dream House Cover Art

Dream House is the lastest album from Chicago electronic artist Lake Radio, aka Caden Moore. The twelve tracks weave a blend of chillwave, psychedelic, ambient and shoegaze influences into a set of classy synthpop songs. The tracks have a darkish texture and seem to hover thickly just above ground, rather than relying on the atmospheric tones so prevelant in the genres. Dream House is more of an ambient experience, looking to the listener to fill in the imagery. Lush synth pads and beats that enable the music rather than overpowering it are the rule here. This is a strong album from start to finish. Stream and download Dream House at the link below. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mono Polys: Life

LIFE Cover Art

Life is the debut EP from UK dreampop duo The Mono Polys. The four tracks on Life are cut from the same mold as Beach House or Real Estate, jangly, reverby and hooky pop songs, crafted to perfection and delivered fresh. With minimalist beats and stand out vocals, Life is a thoroughly enjoyable EP and shows much promise for The Mono Polys when they deliver a full length album. Grab Life to hold you over for more from the Mono Polys. Stream and buy Life at the link below.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Autochrome: Separation Realms

Separation Realms Cover Art

Separation Realms is the debut from Boston post-punk band Autochrome. The seven tracks embody a Doors/New Order/U2 experience of atmospheric, tightly driven, radio ready, post-punk epics. The songs are expertly crafted and executed, and make one wonder why all things post-punk are not so epic. Stream and buy Separation Realms at the link below.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Four Visions: Sparked Fire


Brooklyn dreampop band Four Visions have released a new track. Sparked Fire continues the group's penchant for atmospheric, lo-fi glazed and folky pop songs. Coming mostly as single tracks, Four Visions output has been a total of 6 tracks since September. What we get in return from the dole are expertly crafted and exquisitely executed sonic pieces. Four Visions are becoming one of my favorite synthpop bands. Stream and download Sparked Fire and all of their tracks for free from the link below.

Friday, April 6, 2012

LoOmis: House Shark

House Shark Cover Art

House Shark is the latest EP from New Orlean's synthpop artist LoOmis. The semi-solo project of Patrick Baily, House Shark is darkish and airy with lush synth pads and guitar lines. Intricate melodies, both vocal and instrumental, lead the listener through an imagry laden sonic landscape. The three tracks are a good gateway drug for the rest of LoOmis' releases which can be experienced on his Bandcamp page. Stream and download House Shark at the link below.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quiet Steps: Secular

Secular Cover Art

Great debut albums don't happen everyday, so it's nice when one is found. Secular is the singularly great debut album from Australian post-punk band Ouiet Steps. From the very first note one knows this is a band that is destined to become a significant force in indie music. Quiet Steps deliver a maturity and style unexpected in a debut release. Get on the bandwagon. Stream and download Secular at the link below.

We Only Said: Get Out Freakie Video

FZB favorite We Only Said, aka artist/producer Florian Marzano, have a new video for the fine track Get Out Freakie. Check it out below.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cosmic Birds: Hello Earth

Hello Earth Cover Art

Hello Earth is the debut album from dreampop band Cosmic Birds. The eight tracks are light pop experiences that have the feel of a spring evening in Greenwich Village. Intimate and personal Hello Earth speaks to the listener directly and invites their attention. Minimal instrumentationand a darkish aesthetic highten the vibe of this album. Stream and buy Hello Earth at the link below.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Observer Drift: Corridors

Corridors Cover Art

Corridors is the debut full length from Minneapolis shoegazer and FZB favorite Observer Drift, aka Collin Ward. The thirteen tracks weave a dreampop vibe into darkish, reverby pop songs, with atmospheric vocals and a clean but lo-fi production aesthetic. Observer Drift draws his songwriting inspiration from memories of childhood, impotant people in his life and appropriately from his dreams. Corridors is an album rich in imagery, with every track drawing one into the spell of the song. Stream and download corridors at the link below.

Monday, April 2, 2012

White Birds: When Women Played Drums


When Women Played Drums is the debut album from Pennsylvania dreampop band White Birds. Retro and reverby, the 10 tracks instantly evoke visions of the Everly Brothers' tight vocal harmonies. The album offers a mildly lo-fi take on vivid songs, embodied by rich, atmopheric melodies and minimalist instrumentation. At once familiar and unique, White Birds have crafted a sound with vocals that are as compelling as Fleet Foxes, yet is musically unique. This is a must have debut album. Download and buy When Women Played Drums at the link below.