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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Belle Mare: The Boat Of The Fragile Mind

The Boat Of The Fragile Mind cover art

Brooklyn based dreampop duo Belle Mare, aka Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone, have released three singles on Bandcamp ahead of a full album release coming this fall. The singles, The City, So Long and The Boat Of The Fragile Mind, are haunting, atmospheric ballads, that fly on the wings of the beautiful vocals of London native Bushell. Propelled by acuostic guitars that are accented by tasteful synth pads, the three tracks showcase Belle Mare's ample potential. I can't wait to get my ears on their full album. Stream and download the singles for free at the link below.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Christine Leakey: Shine My Tarnished Sheen Video

Christine Leakey has a new video for her track Shine My Tarnished Sheen. The track features an Indian tabla drum and appropriately, the video is built around and Indian dance troupe.

Heivard: Flows

[FW095] Flows cover art
Hong Kong based ambient artist Heivard, aka Heivard Ng, has released his debut EP Flows. The five tracks feature atmospheric synths painting tonal images for one's mind to enjoy. Featuring minimalist beats and immaginative original sounds created without the use of sampling or presets, Heivard conjures up a crisply produced work, with light airy melodies juxtaposed against darkish swirling passages. Stream and download Flows for free at the link below.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Flooshime Zipper Boots Top 20 of All Time
#10 - #1 least since FZB started. July is almost over and for many school starts in a couple of weeks. Here at FZB, we have reviewed near 400 albums since we started the blog and have had a wonderful summer of great new music. To commemorate this, we have compiled the Top 20 albums on FZB since we started. The rankings were determined by our readers based on page views for each album. Today we have #10 - #1. So here we go with the top half of the Top 20 Albums of All Time on Floorshime Zipper Boots:

#10 - Work Drugs: Summer Blood
#9 - The Group Sound: Secret Girlfriend
#8 - Fenster: Bones
#7 - Cosmonauts: New Psychic Denim
#6 - Dress Rehearsal: The Lazy River Road Single
#5 - Young Jesus: Home
#4 - The Lovely Bad Things: New Ghost/Old Waves
#3 - Swahili Blonde: Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink
#2 - Can Can: Caos
...and the #1 album of all time on Floorshime Zipper Boots is:
#1 - The KVB: Always Then

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flooshime Zipper Boots Top 20 of All Time
#20 - #11 least since FZB started. July is almost over and for many school starts in a couple of weeks. Here at FZB, we have reviewed near 400 albums since we started the blog and have had a wonderful summer of great new music. To commemorate this, we have compiled the Top 20 albums on FZB since we started. The rankings were determined by our readers based on page views for each album. Today we have #20 - #11 and tomorrow will feature #10 - #1. So here we go with the bottom half of the Top 20 Albums of All Time on Floorshime Zipper Boots:

#20 - Lullatone: Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures
#19 - Peter Kernel: White Death & Black Heart

#18 - Mirrors: This Year, Next Year, Sometime...?
#17 - Cassie: Something You Always Wanted To Hear
#16 - The Woozies: The Cassette Tape
#15 - Through A Glass Darkly: Be My Guest EP
#14 - Motel Beds: Sunfried Dreams
#13 - Sun Glitters: Cosmic Oceans
#12 - Crystal Shipsss: Yay
#11 - The Swerve: Taken Apart

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work Drugs: Absolute Bearing

Absolute Bearing cover art

Philadelphia dream pop purveyors and proverbial FZB favorites, Work Drugs, are back with a new album, Absolute Bearing. Having covered good and better on previous releases, all that was left for this one was best...and best is what you get. Sterling instrumentals, chill beats and superb vocals abound on the ten tracks. Work Drugs never fail to impress, taking their special brand of pop to new heights. Don't miss out on this one. Stream and buy Absolute Bearing at the link below.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sebadoh: Secret EP

secret EP cover art

After leaving Dinosaur Jr., Lou Barlow formed Sebadoh in 1986 as a lo-fi project. Now the trio of Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and  Bob D'Amico have released their first new music in 14 years. While the band is working on a new album scheduled for release sometime in 2013, none of the tracks on the Secret EP will be on it. This makes the Secret EP a singular gem, that will be reserved for those "in the know" to enjoy. A gem is exactly what the Secret EP is. The five tracks are a testament to the great music that Sebadoh is capable of producing. Saying this is a must have is like saying one needs to breath to stay alive. Stream and buy the Secret EP at the link below.

Monday, July 23, 2012


LE Yikes SURF CLUB cover art

Philly post-punk band LE Yikes SURF CLUB have released their self-titled debut EP and it is a stormer. The five tracks stand as compelling post-punk anthems. I very simply like everything about this EP. The music, the vibe, the production and the vocals are flawless. LE Yikes SURF CLUB pull a vintage punk aesthetic into a truly modern record that is powerful and accessable. This is a must for everyone's collection. Stream and buy LE Yikes SURF CLUB at the link below.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Owsey: Owsey's Free Music

Owsey's Free Music cover art

Belfast synthpop artist Owsey, aka Owen Ferguson, has made all of his music available for free (name your own proce) on Bandcamp. This includes his latest EP, We Are Your Friend. The thirty tracks are a journey through downtempo, chillwave and dub. Lush ambient synths and reverb laden vocals dominate with minimalist beats. Owsey makes music that soothes one's mind and opens one up to sonic visions that take your ears through an art gallery. Take this artist up on his generousity. You'll be glad you did. Stream and download Owsey's Free Music at the link below.


Prevrat: I You Two Video

This Fridays video is for the second single, I You Two, from my Intelligent Discontent album. Intelligent Discontent is available for free download at

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Save The Clocktower: Through The Glass

Through The Glass cover art

Through The Glass is the new album from Chicago indie pop band Save The Clocktower. The ten tracks show influences that range from Philly soul to MGMT. The album brims with R&B rhythms paired with thoroughly contemporary indie pop sensibilities. Smooth and polished, Through The Glass is a perfect atmospheric dream pop record, with crisp production interesting instrumentals and soaring vocals. Stream and buy Through The Glass at the link below.

LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up And Play The Hits Review

Last night LCD Soundsystem gave people all around the country the shared experience of being part of the end of the band. On April 2nd, 2011, the band played their last show at NYC's Madison Square Garden and the documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits is the story of that farewell show. The film is so much more than just this concert though. Set against the backstory of James Murphy experiencing the day after the event and the front story of Murphy doing an intimate interview prior to the concert, the film presents not only the band's music, but also a rare insight into the man responsible for it all. To me, James Murphy is one of the most culturally significant people in the history of indie music. Aware of the role his music plays, aware of his place in the music and aware of the cultural impact of experiencing the band, Murphy transcends being a rock musician to show the intellectual pursuit of creating great music in all its fullness. The movie presents all of this, along with the terrific performance of the band at the concert in fine detail, with great photography, wonderful sound and the best of LCD's songs that one would want to hear. In the end, I was struck by the emotion of this great band being over. Though it has been over a year since the band ended, this is something that had not really hit me prior to the movie. Shut Up And Play The Hits pulled you into the event and made it personal.  This is a movie that should be experienced by everyone that is into LCD Soundsystem. It was truly an event...personal, expressive and emotional. Watch the trailer below.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Foxygen: Take The Kids Off Broadway

Take The Kids Off Broadway (Jagjaguwar) cover art

Take The Kids Off Broadway is the Jagjaguwar debut of bi-coastal dreampop duo Foxygen, aka Sam France and Jonathan Rado. The seven tracks are stylistically linked to the legacy of David Bowie and the influence is unmistakeable. The music is theatrical and romp through R&B tinged psychedelic pop with confidence and abandon. Never taking themselves to seriously, Foxygen channel diverse sounds ranging from the Rolling Stones to Elvis. This album is a unique mix. Stream Take The Kids Off Broadway at the link below.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lips Against Glass: Vivid Colour

Vivid Colour cover art

Vivid Colour is the latest album from Bologna, Italy shoegazers Lips Against Glass. Dark and brooding, the ten tracks have a wonderful orchestral feel that transcends the now to carry the listener to a more mindful place. The music is atmospheric and minimal, with vocals that tease the listener with their expressive darkness. The tracks are a sonic exploration of what is hiding in the psyche. Stream and buy Vivid Colour at the link below.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ladder Devils: Nowhere Plans

Nowhere Plans cover art

Philadelphia post-hardcore band Ladder Devils come with their latest release, Nowhere Plans. Smashing together the best elements of hardcore, punk and noise rock, the nine tracks jump in your face and stay there. Hard, brutal and inspired, Nowhere Plans evokes memories of Circle Jerks and Black Flag at their angriest. While metal lanquishes in a me too sound alike stagnation, Ladder Devils show us once again that the post-hardcore scene is the artistic future of heavy music. Stream and buy Nowhere Plans at the link below.


Friday, July 13, 2012

The American Dollar: Awake In The City

Awake In The City cover art
Awake In The City is the new album from NYC post-rock duo The American Dollar, aka John Emanuele and Richard Cupolo. The 12 tracks feature scenic instrumental landscapes, with lush vibes and beautiful overtones. Awake In The City is a virtuoso performance that penetrates to one's core and carries one's mind to new vistas, with melodic passages and ambient textures. Stream and buy Awake In The City at the link below.

Prevrat: With Our Eyes Closed Video

Here's this Friday's video from my Intelligent Discontent album, for the track With Our Eyes Closed. The video was adapted from the short film The Illogic of a Dream Had Taken Over Completely, directed by Ruby Quincunx. Intelligent discontent is available for free download at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noir Coeur: Avalanche Video

FZB favorites Noir Coeur have a new video for their track Avalanche. The video is directed by
Romain Barbot, Sebastien Verones & Noir Cœur and features Noir Coeur's Fiona Terror.

Pinemartin: Can't Go Back Again EP

Can't Go Back Again cover art

UK artist/Producer and FZB favorite Pinemartin has released a new EP, Can't Go Back Again. The three tracks continue Pinemartin's penchant for catchy and innovative electronic music. Lush synthpads with abundent textural elements, matched with distinctive melodies is what defines this EP. The very nice guitar ballad Don't Tell Me You Love Me breaks this mold and shows Pinemartin's depth. Pinemartin continues to impress as an artist. Stream and download Can't Go Back Again at the link below.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keepers: New Waves

New Waves cover art

New Waves is the debut album from Philadelphia quartet Keepers. The ten tracks showcase a sound rooted in power pop with abundent influences. That's not to say New Waves is light weight. The tracks are well crafted and the vocals have a nice dissonant edge. Flowing guitar lines, background fuzz and a slightly lo-fi mix enhance the hooky tracks. Stream and buy New Waves at the link below.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arrange: New Memory

New Memory cover art

FZB favorite and # 3 artist on our 2011 year end Top 20, Arrange, aka Malcom Lacey is back with a new album. New Memory is a masterful work, showing the continued maturity of this young artist. The twelve tracks blend all of the best elements of chillwave, shoegaze and ambient music into a collective that showcases both Lacey's musicianship and his penchant for deep meaningful lyrics. This album is an absolute must have. Stream and buy New Memory at the link below.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Athletics: Who You Are Is Not Enough

Who You Are Is Not Enough cover art

New Jersey post-rock group Athletics come out strong with their latest album, Who You Are Is Not Enough. Featuring five tracks of melodic rock with deep ambient textures, the album moves from quiet reflection to heavy realization. Post-rock is a genre that demands superlative musicianship and Athletics rise to the challenge. The production is flawless, the songs compelling and the performance pristine. Stream and download Who You Are Is Not Enough at the link below.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Orca Team: Restraint

RESTRAINT cover art
Seattle power pop trio Orca Team have released their new album Restraint. Featuring eleven reverb drenched retro tracks, Restraint gets and keeps ones attention from start to finish. Drawing from surf, post punk and west coast 60's pop, Orca Team have found a winning formula for standout indie pop. Stream Restraint at the link below.

Prevrat: Traffic Video

Back to Friday videos from my Intelligent Discontent album. Here is the video for the track Traffic. Intelligent Discontent is available for free download at Also included with each album download are the official videos for the tracks With Our Eyes Closed, All Will See, Find Your Way Home and Awaits The Win.

Traffic from Prevrat on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Black Owls: Black Owls

Black Owls cover art

Black Owls is the latest self-titled album from the Ohio garage rockers. This double album is packed with 25 hard edged in your face tracks, but there is so much more. Black Owls meld together influences from blues, punk and classic rock to make you feel that the Rolling Stones have been reincarnated into a new band. This is a heady comparison that Black Owls wear to perfection. This is another must have album for your indie rock collection. Stream and buy Black Owls at the link below.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peter Kernel: We're Not Gonna Be The Same Again Video

Here's a pretty cool video by FZB favorite Peter kernel for their track Not Gonna Be The Same Again.

Stumbleine: Ghosting

Ghosting cover art

Bristol, UK artist Stumbleine has a new release out titled Ghosting. Stumbleine has become somewhat of a ubiquitous fixture on the indie chillwave scene appearing on a myriad of other artist's records and collaborations. Ghosting gives ample evidence to why this is so. Dreamy passages with atmospheric vocals and waves of reverb give the album a decidedly genre defining feel. The album has a deeply ambient vibe, where the overall feel is more important than any individual feature. Ths is music to let yourself get lost in. Stream Gosting at the link below.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arcadia Gardens: Memory Machines

Memory Machines cover art

Memory Machines is the latest release from Tennessee dreampop artist Arcadia Gardens, aka Daniel Rutstrom. The six tracks feature heavy doses of reverb that blend airy vocals, clean guitars and pop laden synthpads into a wonderful brew. The tracks range in style from the chillwave of Youth Lagoon or Washed Out, to more psyche ala Caribou. The EP is music to get cozy with someone close and forget the world with. Stream and download Memory Machines for free at the link below.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Christopher Owens: Egomaniac or just a Dick?

So the news comes today that Christopher Owens has quit the band Girls. Anybody following his antics should have seen this coming a mile away. First, he had a Twitter rant about not being on the Jools Holland show, when other acts are. Like Jools was blind for not recognizing that Girls are better than any other band. Next, he follows it up with a rant about the new HBO comedy Girls. How could HBO do that and use THEIR name? Like doesn't HBO realize that Girls are the biggest band in the world. Now, he tops it all by dumping his band mates to go solo. Like we all should realize he is the next rock god. So the question stands...Christopher Owens, egomaniac or just a dick.

FZB Seeks Contributors

FZB is looking for contributors to help the blog continue to expand. Contributors will be doing conert reviews, artist interviews, album reviews and commentary pieces. For consideration submit a sample of your writing and a note about how you may contribute to russianwinterrecords(at)gmail(dot)com.

Mirror Kisses: Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams cover art

Bad Dreams is the new album from Harrisonburg, VA synthpop duo Mirror Kisses. With a distinct nod to 80's bands Depeche Mode, A-ha and Human League, Bad Dreams bring retro electropop to a new level. The ten tracks are catchy, with wonderful synth pads and a unique edge that shines through the retro vibe. Take a trip back in time to the raves of the past and you might just find yourself in the future with Mirror Kisses. Stream and buy Bad Dreams at the link below.