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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pek Pek: You/Too Heavy

You/Too Heavy Cover Art

You/Too Heavy is the sphomore EP from LA quartet Pek Pek. There is a lot to like about this band. They are decidely heavy, have cool lo-fi production amd use the mandolin as a straight up rock instrument, rather than as some pseudo-roots hipness. The tracks feature an overall heavy ambient feel. It's just going on in there, with pushed back vocals and guitar riffs that take the listener deep into the music. The influences to be heard are many, from the old, such as Gang of Four and New Order, to the new, such as Times New Viking and Cloud Nothings. Yet while similarities are there, Pek Pek does not sound like these bands. They are a unique voice of their own. The more I listen to this EP the more I love it.  Stream and download You/Too Heavy at the link below.