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Monday, February 18, 2013

Awkwarium: Tampossom

Tampossom EP cover art

Tampossom is the debut EP from NY instrumental group Awkwarium. Rock music, in a general sense, is a group of genre's that have always dispatched instrumental music to the far fringes. Electronic and ambient musicians have found wider acceptance, but the same is not true for guitar, bass and drum ensembles. This of coure, says nothing about the worthyness of the music. Awkwarium in particular are a very worthy band and deserve to have their music heard. Melodic and fluid, with sufficient complexity to challenge, but yet simple enough to entertain, the six tracks on Tampossom are an inviting debut. Tampossom blends rock, post-rock and jazz influences into an EP that is a fine addition to anyone's music collection. Stream and download the Tampossom EP for free at the link below.