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Monday, June 10, 2013

We Are Temporary: Hurt & Satellite

Hurt cover art
Brooklyn synthpop artist We Are Temporary has released two singles Hurt and Satellites that are an advance look at his debut album, Afterthoughts, which will be released July 9th on Stars & Letters Records. We Are Temporary is artist/producer Mark Roberts, head of Stars & Letters and one of our favorite people at FZB. Mark is also one of the most real artists you will ever have the pleasure to experience. Both tracks are deep, emotional  and intimate glimpses into the artist's life. Roberts builds his anthems from dark walls of jagged synths, where distorted drum batteries and broken-limb arpeggios conjure up the nihilism of fading love and the mechanistic brutality of late 80's darkwave and EBM. Roberts includes a four minute audio liner note with Hurt that reveals the anguish and personal searching that was the birthplace of the song. These two tracks are must haves and make us yearn for the release of Afterthoughts. Stream and download Hurt and Satellites ate the links below.