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Monday, December 2, 2013

Corridor: Un Magicien En Toi

Un magicien en toi cover art
Montreal post-punk band Corridor have released their debut EP, Un Magicien En Toi. Taking a queue from bands like Real Estate and Local Natives, the six tracks are a jangly mix of melodic guitars and slightly lo-fi production. The band of Jo Robin, Dom Bertha, Julian Perro and Marc Chapeau make a good first effort at this EP, but the whole thing comes a bit undone by the vocals and song arrangements. Not that either are bad. Rather, the arrangements seem a bit pushed, complexity for the sake of complexity and could have more room to get a life of their own. The vocals are over processed and one wonders what they'd sound like if they just sang them straight with a little reverb. All in all, a good debut EP but not a great one, with much promise that growth by the band will bring out all their best qualities. Stream and download Un Magicien En Toi at the link below.