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Friday, June 1, 2018

Dazed Pilots: K.T.F.T.

One of our favorite indie labels, Vienna's Cut Surface Records, brings us K.T.F.T. the new album from Dazed Pilots. The nine tracks are stark, raw punk rock that recalls early bands like Sex Pistols, and Dead Kennedys, with a little Iggy Pop thrown in for good measure. This is stiletto to the heart music, dark dank dangerous club music, everything that is true and right with the world. The kind of music to make you want to get a flat bed truck, the biggest sound system imaginable and pull up in front of the White House and play at full volume. Oh yes, this is as authentic as it gets. Buy this record or stand in front of a mirror and admit you're a pussy.  Watch the video for album track Fall From Grace, then stream and buy K.T.F.T. at the link below.