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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Alex Ebert: In Support Of 5ame Dude Vol. 3

In Support Of 5ame Dude Vol.3 is an EP in the series from artist Alex Ebert. Consisting of five tracks recorded in 2011, the EP is a shoegazy excursion into some smart music. featuring stylistic depth and highly interesting arrangements. The EP stands as an accomplished work both vocally and instrumentally. Which then begs the question, is this artist all about past accomplishments or is there new music coming to enjoy. This is no small question. As good as these tracks are, as statements on the past, they are destined to obscurity. This is an obviously gifted artist and one who should be delivering new music to build what would surely be a large fan base. Stream and buy In Support Of 5ame Dude Vol. 3 at the link below.