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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dead Electric: This Mind Of Yours

This Mind Of Yours Cover Art
So I must admit an abhorrent fixation with classic lo-fi sounds. Just like bands that have that recorded on a beat-up Tascam 4-track reel-to-reel vibe.  This Mind Of Yours, the debut album from Glasgow quartet Dead Electric, is just such an album. A record full of well crafted pop songs delivered in a wrapping of heavy reverb, muffled tracks and vocals coming from the backyard somewhere. The band says that the album was recorded in sheds, houses, studios and hallways on anything they could get our hands on and the tracks sound like it. They have a consistency of lo-fi texture that proves the perfect landscape for presenting the songs. The tracks themselves all fit a fuzzy, psych-pop format that work together perfectly. You can stream the album at Bandcamp and buy it by naming your price, or share your email address with the band and download it for free.