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Monday, March 28, 2011

Teepee: Morals (Deluxe Edition)

Pure fuzzed out bliss. Teepee is the alter ego of Miami's Eric Lopez-Zareno. Morals is a psyched out, shoegaze journey through a land where lo-fi sensibility meets a crisp and clean recorded sound. Together this spawns an album full of great songs, stellar instrumentals and vocals that echo like listening through the wall to someone singing in your bathroom. Full of dark, in your face guitars that, at once, gangle and belie a heavyness missing in much of realm. Of particular note is the use of acoustic guitars as the lead instrument, like on the track Philippines, showing that you don't need electrics to make a compelling lo-fi statement. This album is full of shoegaze goodness. The only minor (and very minor at that) peeve is that there are not more drums and when there, at times, the drum machines sound a bit too artificial for my taste.